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Decide what kind of trip you'd like.

Fully Guided



Fully Guided

Cost is $200 per person/day


Cost is $150 per person/day


Fully Guided

Transportation to and from fishing locations (snowmobiles)

All necessary equipment including rods/reels, lures/bait, hole drilling, flashers (electronics) and shelters/heaters during extreme cold or snowy weather.

Personal instruction on fishing techniques and equipment operation such as flashers/sonar

Guide(s) is with you all day

Breakfast (donuts & coffee/tea/hot chocolate during morning)

Lunch (brats/chips/cookies/bottle water)

In order to maximize fishing time, your catch will be bagged but not cleaned.


Transportation to and from fishing locations.  Snowmobile operation allowed only with guide present, does not include unsupervised snowmobile use due to liability issues.

Equipment provided:

               Ice fishing rods (2 per angler)

               Flasher (fish sonar)

               6” electric power auger, extra battery.

               Assortment of lures.

               Bait: maggots and worms.

               Pop up shelter with ice anchors.

(anchor use required – must anchor all 4 indoor corner locations and wind blown side strap outside)

Heater, 2 propane bottles.  

               Hole scoops, buckets, small shovel.

               Scissors, hook remover.

Fish up to 3 locations per day (original location + 2 moves if desired).  Depending on weather, ice conditions and other factors more moves possible but not guaranteed.

Fishing activity information, locations, hot baits.

Outfitted clients are welcome to fish nearby guide if desired,  however when doing so please be courteous and leave some buffer around fully guided clients to prevent flasher/sonar interference and other issues.

If outfitted client would like to move locations:

1)  Inform guide you want to move locations.

2)  Break down and load gear for move.

3)  Guide will come to your location with snowmobiles and move group to new location.

Outfitted trips are not a good choice for first time or inexperienced ice fisherman.

Outfitted trips do not include:

On-ice instruction or assistance with equipment usage/set up (online videos can be provided in advance demonstrating how to use flashers, power auger, shelter, heater) 

Outfitted clients responsible for providing their own food and drinks, drilling holes, setting up/breaking down shelters if used, cleaning fish.

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